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  • How much money can I expect this commitment to cost me?
    There is no fee to be a part of a FCCT production, although you may need to purchase costume items (we usually recommend just buying things at local thrift stores). Other potential costs may include show t-shirt/hoodie, photographs, cast party, and donations of candy, baked goods and batteries.
  • When are rehearsals and how often are they scheduled?
    Rehearsals are typically scheduled Sunday night and one week night. There may be optional workshops or cast bonding added. Not all cast members may be scheduled to rehearse the entire practice, with the exception of Tech Week. Official rehearsal schedules will be distributed at the Parent Meeting.
  • What can I expect of rehearsals?
    We attempt to keep the rehearsals organized and structured, but often with so many kids involved, it can seem noisy and raucous! We have open rehearsals so parents are always welcome to sit and watch the rehearsals, and also to offer an extra set of hands when needed. Parents of performers 11 or younger must remain with their children.
  • What if I have a conflict?
    All known conflicts should be noted on the conflict sheet, which is provided with the audition packet. Fill out the excuse form for any conflicts that are unknown at the time of auditions. If you have a potential conflict during Tech Week or during a performance, you must let the director know immediately.
  • Who will my contact be if I have any questions about the production?
    The parent coordinators will be your main point of contact. Followed by any board member, committee heads, or director. If you have questions now, please email
  • How am I expected to participate as a parent/guardian?
    Volunteers are an essential part of our shows. They are depended upon to accomplish the production workload. Each family is strongly encouraged to volunteer at least 10 hours. There are several areas to volunteer your time. All families are expected to help with moving to our performance space (usually one week before the performance) and with strike (tear down after the final performance).
  • What about weather?
    Inclement weather may cause last minute practice cancelations. Our policy is normally if school is closed, we cancel practice. If the weather seems bad on a Sunday we will make the call. We don't want to risk the safety of our performers. We will notify you via email.
  • Who makes the casting decisions?
    Casting is decided by the director(s) with input from the board of directors. We work together as a collaborative team to make our casting as fair as possible. Roles are given based on past experience with FCCT, ability, and availability.
  • How are casting decisions made?
    Casting priority is given to students who have performed with FCCT in the past, especially those who are close to graduating from high school. We attempt to make sure that all of our performers get at least one leading role at some point in their time with FCCT and often the shows themselves are chosen by our older performers with specific roles already precast.
  • When will the cast list be released?
    The casting meeting is held after all auditions have been completed. Since this is a volunteer organization, and we don’t have full time employees it takes some time before we are able to meet. You can expect to hear about casting within 3-4 weeks of auditions.
  • Why is there delay in auditions and when the cast list is announced?
    We do our best to get the cast list out as soon as possible but sometimes it can take longer. Since this is a volunteer organization, and we don’t have full time employees it takes some time before we are able to meet. Sometimes we are still finishing another show while auditions for the next show take place.
  • Who is in the room during auditions?
    We have open auditions so parents and family members are welcome to watch auditions, although sometimes performers feel more comfortable if their parents are not present (we have a room in which parents can wait).
  • Do you have callbacks?
    We do our best not to need callbacks. We video each audition and take pictures so we can go back and review if necessary. On rare occasion if you are needed for a callback you will be contacted.
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