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Corona Contemplation

As of this writing, there are 27,735 cases of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania. Schools are closed for the year, and all learning for kids will be online from home. Seemingly everything is canceled. Nobody's leaving the house unless they absolutely have to. People wear masks to the grocery store.

It's a strange time to be living in, indeed.

We want to get back to normal, to feel SOMETHING familiar when everything seems so uncertain. For a lot of our kids, this theater is that touchstone, the place where they feel at home, accepted, and loved. I know they miss it. I know I miss it, too.

And yet for now, we need a pause. We hope we can be back to it soon, and get everyone back to rehearsals where they are safe and healthy. But we care far too much about each and every one of our cast and crew members to rush back at a time where caution is advised. So for now, Corona has the stage. Hopefully it won't hog it for too much longer.

Stay safe, stay healthy. We'll see you all soon.

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