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How do you solve a problem like Corona?

I wish I could tell you the numbers in Pennsylvania are down. I wish I could tell you we knew how to deal with this. I wish I could tell you that we'll be back at rehearsals soon, or a date that we'll have a show, or when we'll be back together again, or what your school will look like in the fall.

I wish I could tell you how in the heck we're going to stage a show where the cast alone is larger than the recommended number of people gathering together at a time, let alone adding an audience.

I can't.

I have no answers. We're in uncharted waters here, folks. So as the board continues to debate how to best address the needs of our theater family, please be patient with us. If you had told any of us at this time last year that this would be life right now, I don't think anyone would've believed it. How could we have?

At any rate, once we have something to share, we definitely will. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy. Hopefully we can be back together again soon.

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