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Oh the things you can think!

This is the time.

It's truer than true!

FCCT is back

with a new show for you.

It's been far too long

Corona's a bore

So we bring you the tale

of Horton, JoJo, and more!

Seriously, though. How GREAT is it to be back with a full scale mainstage show? We were so sad to have to let go of Matilda. Our cast was amazing, and the kids worked so hard. But sometimes moving forward is the best way to go.

Look for more information in the coming days. We've got big plans for FCCT! We are currently working on scheduling out mainstage shows for the coming year, as well as introducing Student Productions!

What are Student Productions, you ask?

Well, we've realized that in addition to some fabulous singers, amazing dancers, and fantastic actors, we've got a few aspiring writers and directors in the house. We want EVERYONE to get a chance to shine, and if you are interested in directing or writing a show, this is the news for YOU!!

Got a show you've written? Got a show that's public domain that YOU want to put on stage? Are you a youth or young adult in our community? If this sounds like you, let us know! Our board members and directors will work with you to see if we can make it happen.

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