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Tickets on Sale Now
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Saturday, July 19th & 20th  @7:00 PM

Sunday, July 21st @2:00 PM

$12.00 for Adults
$10.00 for Seniors/Students

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Proud to be FCCT

Meadville, PA is fortunate enough to have not one but three thriving community theatre programs that each offer incredible, unique experiences for both performers and audiences.

As the area's only youth theatre for more than 40 years, FCCT supports performers ages 4 to college-age while also creating opportunities for multi-generational involvement. Whether it be on the stage or part of the crew, fundraising or designing the set, or somewhere in between, FCCT is proud to be an all-volunteer organization where everyone has a part to play!

Our mission centers around fostering the confidence, talents, and character of our young performers, which means sometimes we do things a little differently.


But what we love to do most is bring magic to the stage!

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Messages From Our FCCT Alumni

"My time at FCCT was the happiest of my life. They quickly became famiyl and the love and support I received has carried me through adulthood. From countless practces to the multiple Disney trips and more, FCCT has always been my home away from home."

Alexa L. '00 - '14 

The FCCT Mission

To provide performing arts opportunities in a creative and positive environment that is inclusive of all members of the community, creating an intergenerational theatrical experience in Northwest Pennsylvania.
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